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It’s Not About You

This is not an easy post to write. If you are reading this blog to figure out how to impress people, this post will come as a shock. If, however, you are reading this hoping to learn more about improving … Continue reading

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Think Chunky

My first brush with the media was a bit of a shock. I was being interviewed about the fact that I was the world’s first Glaswegian to English interpreter (long story). So, after a surreal trip to a Bingo Hall … Continue reading

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One Sentence Wonders

Can you sum up what you are saying in one paragraph? What about one sentence? This is a challenge I set myself every time I do a talk. Most of the time, if I have done my research right, I … Continue reading

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Join the Dots

I want to start with a confession. I am about as far from being an artist as it is possible for a human being to be. My ability, even now, just about stretches to being able to colour in something … Continue reading

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