Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What is Rock Your Talk?
A.    Rock Your Talk is a blog aimed at helping people create and deliver talks that not only work well but really connect with the way people think and process information today.

Q.      What’s wrong with old ways of doing public speaking?
A.     In terms of basic technique, not a lot really. All the traditional advice about breathing, posture, etc. still has its place. Still, the problem with such advice is that it assumes two things which are no longer true. 1) It assumes that you will have your audience’s undivided attention for the length of your talk and 2) It assumes that people are happy to be passive consumers of what you are saying. As many speakers find out to their cost, if you work on the basis of those two assumptions, you will really struggle.

Q.     What’s so different about audiences now then?
A.    In two words: “social media”. People are now very used to interacting with the information they come across every day. Rather than just hearing from an expert, they want to connect, be able to take part, pass comment and even tweet, all during your talk! Add into this the fact of short attention spans (which social media has made far more obvious, even if they were always there) and you have an audience that is very different from one you would meet even five years ago.

Q.     I’m not sure. Give me some examples.
A.    No problem. As I said before, increasingly audience members are tweeting about your talk, even before you are done! Not only that but they might want to turn something you said into something they can pass on and even play with. They want bite-sized chunks they can tell the world about. They might photograph you and post the photo before you have even finished your sentence.

Q.    Fair enough. So, what do you do?
A.    On top of the free posts here, I also offer individual and group coaching sessions, each tailor-made to your situation.

Q.     And why should I work with you?
A.     You should work with me because I have a unique experience of having worked in public speaking from a variety of angles. As well as being an audience member like everyone else, I have been speaking in public since the age of 13, interpreting talks between French and English for more than 5 years and I am also an experienced live sound technician. Lastly, I myself work with a coach, so you can be sure that I am always making sure my skills are sharp so yours are too.


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